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After interviewing 100's of Investors one thing is clear. Success must be built upon a solid foundation that begins with: 
 1. The Right Beliefs.
 2. The Right Habits.
 3. Which lead to taking Right Actions

We help you lay down that foundation so you can have massive success both business & personal!

Membership Includes: 
  • ​REAL ESTATE TRAINING - Learn from top experts who will be teaching mini-masterclasses within the group each month.      Topics Include Marketing -- Deal Analysis --Partnering -- Construction -- Sales & Much More. Our experts include the best in Multifamily & Single Family.  
  • ​Members Only Facebook Group – Exclusive access to a FREE Mentorship Facebook Group with other ACTION TAKERS
  • ​1.5 hour Live Monthly Webinar – 45 minute Mastery Training & 45 minute live Group Coaching & Q&A - Lead by Trevor McGregor.    Topics will help you: Gain Clarity, Take More Action, Earn More Money and Buy More Deals. We help you build & reinforce the foundation for success in any business. 
  • ​​Live Interviews – Live interviews with incredible influencers & business icons
  • ​Live Q&A Twice a Month – Live Q&A twice a month
  • Exclusive Mindset Programing - Learn step-by-step how to build the right habits, change & replace limiting beliefs with more positive ones and how grow your business & personal life rapidly. 
  • ​Exclusive First Access - To all Investor Mindset Events & Future Programs. You become a part of the Inner Circle & help guide the growth of our community. 
  • VIP Access To Investor Mindset Summits - Including full access to recordings and much more. 

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-- 2 Month Direct Voxer Access (Walkie Talkie App) for Quick questions with Steven Pesavento - ($600 Value
 - To help support your year getting kicked off to a great start!

-- VIP Recording Access to Investor Mindset Summit 2019 - 16 Hours of On Demand Video Training to help you grow your REI Business. ($300 Value)

Annual Membership Bonus
-- Everything Mentioned Above for Monthly Members Plus
-- 2 Private Coaching Sessions with Steven Pesavento 1-1 ($1,500 Value)  & Voxer Access
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    If you are serious about taking action and taking your investing business to the next level with this UNBELIEVABLE once in a lifetime offer, join today. 
    197 299
    Billed Monthly with Money Back Guarantee 
      - 2 Months Voxer Access w/ Steven Pesavento - ($600 Value)
      - VIP Recording Access to Investor Mindset Summit 2019 ($300 Value)
    ANNUALLY - 25% Discount
    Billed Annually with Money Back Guarantee 
      - 2 Months Voxer Access w/ Steven Pesavento - ($600 Value)
      - 2 Private Coaching Sessions w/ Steven Pesavento 1-1 ($1,500 Value)
      - VIP Recording Access to Investor Mindset Summit 2019 ($300 Value)
    ​ Monthly Themes Include:
    • ​The 7-Simple Step Rapid Planning Method Process - Never wonder what to do again!
    • ​Goal Setting & Goal Achievement Secrets
    • ​Growing a Multimillion Dollar REI Business in just 12 months
    • ​7 Steps To REI Time Freedom - Build the plan for you!
    • ​Profit First - How to manage your income streams to maximize your lifestyle
    • ​The Financial Freedom Plan - 5 Steps to Freedom Now
    • ​And many more!

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    I don't know if you're anything like me or some of our members. 
    But most of them joined for one of these reasons.... 
    • ​The 7-Simple Step Rapid Planning Method Process - Never wonder what to do again!
    • I'm ready to speed up the process of getting from A to B in my personal and real estate investing goals.
    • ​I know what to do in my investing business, but for some reason I'm not doing it.
    • ​I am taking action, but I'm not seeing consistent results.
    • ​I want to learn 1 or 2 key strategies that will help me launch my real estate business or push it into 7 figures. 
    • ​I am looking to network with and mastermind with like minded investors who will push me to do more. 
    Any of these ring true for you? 

    I know these are some of the reasons I joined masterminds and group coaching programs. 

    If none of them do then... it's pretty easy to say it's probably not a good fit for you or you won't love it. 
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    A Note From Steven

    Dear Friends & Supporters, 

    If you're reading this right now, it's because you've been listening to the Podcast, Have Been Following Our Journey on Social or you Known Me Personally. 

    I want to thank you personally for your support. It's been so amazing to grow personally and to make such an impact on the REI community with our interviews & content. 

    If you're anything like me.... You're on a never ending quest for growth

    Or maybe you're just looking to figure out how do I get started and get my first deal... Thinking I know what to do, but I'm still not seeing the results. 

    What I figured out, through working with my own Coaches and interviewing hundreds of investors, is that ANYONE, EVEN YOU CAN ACHIEVE MASSIVE SUCCESS

    And in order to get there, you've gotta do the work. But thankfully there is a clear path.... and I've figured it out for you. 

    What I've found is you've gotta pull up the Anchors (limiting beliefs or thoughts) 
    And replace them with Rocket Fuel (Empowering Beliefs & Habits) that will lead you to success. 

    Sure we've all heard this before, we've read countless books, listened to Podcasts, but very few have mastered it. 

    Join Trevor McGregor and I, who have partnered up to help make big changes in the lives of Real Estate Investors across the country. As you already know, Trevor has over 25,000 hours of coaching experience and worked as a Master Platinum Coach with the Tony Robbins organization. 

    Together we will Transform The Lives of Our Members ... and we want to do so at a big scale, which is why we've for a limited time offered all of this training at such a low price. 

    If you've loved the content that I've put out for free, then you'll love my paid stuff. 

    I ask you to take action for yourself, to grow your business and your personal life. 

    Join as a Founding & Supporting Member today, to help yourself grow & to support the mission we're on to: 
    "Help Others Live a Better Life Everyday". 

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart, 

    P.S. I look forward to seeing you in my Inner Circle, and personally helping you exceed your goals!

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    Beliefs. Habits. Actions.

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